The New York Times

"Immersive and participatory theater is taking hold as companies experiment with storytelling approaches. Most alarming is 8Players: a film-inspired, fourth-wall-blurring production that requires you to play out a narrative. Exciting and hilarious, some productions are so compelling you cannot help but lose yourself..."

Time Out New York 

"8Players is impeccable and bedazzling. Camp classics mash up with old-school mystery in this ultimate escapism experience starring you. Engage in a showdown with strangers who will soon become chillingly familiar. You're certain to surprise yourself in the part of a lifetime." (Critics' Pick)

The Village Voice

"8Players is a new level of escapist entertainment in New York City. Audience-participants are destabilized in a new environment as they interact in a part scripted, part improvised, wildly inventive genre production. Choose your own adventure - and prepare."

OUT Magazine

"8Players is a must-see. You're assigned a role, a costume, and a nondescript location. The show invests in each audience member and demands full conviction. Guided through directions and choreography, which consistently change at every show, it transported my group to a campy wet dream. It deftly navigates the line between social experiment and entertainment. "


"Ever wish you could be inside a movie? 8Players makes that wish come true. Leave your phone behind and step into a world of secrets and melodrama. This is innovative, interactive role-playing theater: a show custom-built for you."

From the FoST Festival Program:

"Among the very best in immersive storytelling, 8Players is New York's premiere roleplaying experience. Audiences connect in groups by starring in an explosively strange narrative inspired by classic, camp, and trash cinema. The results are surreal, unexpectedly funny, and spellbinding."

Future of Storytelling Summit
2015 Opening Night + 2016 Festival Selection


"An immersive experience you need to check out."

Soho House

"It is redefining the New York stage." 

No Proscenium

"Marvelously fun. A New York hit."


audience responses: new york + los angeles

"as a film buff, it is amazing stepping into this world"

"as soon as it ended, I wanted to do it again"

"I can't speak more highly of this show"

"original, ambitious, so intense"

"completely out of reality"

"uniquely magical"




"absolute fun"

"the perfect party"

"a brilliant experience"

"the intricacy is awe-inspiring"

"our venue became another world"

"it made my long-harbored dreams a reality"

"took me out of my comfort zone in a good way"

"the chemistry between players is fantastic"

"I loved being a devilish stranger"

"phenomenally atmospheric"

"the night was pulsing"



"It brings a group together through a shared experience. This needs to happen more."


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