Since 2013, 8Players has pioneered a new form in which audience-participants unforgettably connect inside an incredibly unusual narrative.

8P produces experiences in New York and Los Angeles ranging from events privately commissioned for one night only, to public experiences sold out and extended for years.

Alumni of award-winning theater, live events, film and television, 8P transforms a range of venues: nightclubs, bars, houses, apartments, hotels, offices, churches, stores, unused spaces. 

producer, director, writer
Ross Tipograph

consulting producers
Zachary Laks, Anthony Francavilla, Adrienne Katz

Riley Ziesig

Casey Roeder, Greg Kozatek, Jena Steinbach

the company
Rachel Alluli, Eva Amessé, Shara Ashley, Matt Brown, Zachary Conner, Maria DeCotis, Cassidy Dermott, Jo Firestone, Elizabeth Frasciello, David Goldberg, Mischa Goodman, Sarah Keyes, Adin Lenahan, Nica Mayer, Emma Meltzer, Gigi Neil, Duncan Menaker, Emily Oliveira, Nicole Orabona, Derek Rainey, Adam Rotstein, Stephanie Seibel, Amanda Thickpenny, Kyle Walton, Matt Webster

run crew
Sam Clarke, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Miakoda Gale, Jon Gerbehy, David Goldberg, Devin Goodwin, Layla Halabian, Patrick McDermott, Cathy Messier, Eleanor Monahan, Dennis O'Leary-Gullo, Nick Puglia, Derek Rainey, Gus Weinstein

thank you
Todd Oldham, Wendy Federman, Arielle Tepper Madover, Charlie Melcher, Yelena Rachitsky, Rachel Tipograph, Terry Leonard, Shani Geva, Jeffrey Schwarz, Craig Chester, Larry Fessenden, Erin Markey, Joel Kim Booster, Ana Fabrega, Dave Mizzoni, Drew Anderson, Micah Bucey, Karen Kramer, Emily Magida, Brian Bordainick, Jim Babb, Mikhael Tara Garver, Gyda Arber, JD Carter, Jon Kurland, Tim Murphy, Andrew Wang, WME, Michael Gagliardo, PMK·BNC



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